The drums are the oldest instrument known to man. From stone age man to Animal from the muppets, the drums are a noble and musical instrument that requires both passion and dedication to master. At Amersham Music Studios, we help our students to harness that passion and develop that persistence, enabling them to master this great instrument.

As a drum teacher, Mike has over twenty years experience at teaching students from all ages and abilities.

His passion for teaching the greatest instrument in the world was developed by a number of the amazing teachers he had at the London Music School and Drum Tech, where he completed his degree in music performance. He believes in making every lesson bespoke, geared towards the student’s strengths and passions, whilst maintaining a strong discipline for the fundamentals of drumming.

Mike teaches both Rock School and Trinity grade courses, and also offers tuition in beginner piano, guitar and bass guitar.


Expert tuition can be the difference that makes the difference when it comes to excelling in music study. At AMS we offer one to one and small group tuition at GCSE and A- Level. You can book ongoing support for a keen student looking to attain a level of personal mastery or a focused block of sessions in preparation for exams. Whichever option suits you best, a teacher with a tried and tested track record in education is essential to success.

Mike Cairns has ten years of working in the education sector as a head of music in a large, inner city London comprehensive.

Whilst working in school, he maintained outstanding GCSE and BTEC Level three results, helping a great many of his students to go on to University courses in music, music production and music composition.

He is an excellent teacher with a number of outstanding lesson observations, brought about by both his skill as a teacher and his endless enthusiasm for his subject.


Music Technology

If music tech' is your passion then one to one tuition from Mike is the only choice for those who want to excel. In the last 5 years all Mike's level two and level three music tech courses have led to a 100% pass rate.


Mike firmly believes in teaching useful, relevant content that equips the learner for work in the ‘real’ world. From mixing live sound, to recording, to mixing multi track recordings, Mike can ensure outstanding rigorous teaching with exceptional results. 



£30 per hour, £20 per 40 minute lesson, £15 per half hour.